First date with any of my matches tonight. Stats: Mid-40s, we’ve got a few mutual friends (all musicians, all of whom I’m fond of), he lives in a neighboring hood (close enough to be convenient, but not enough to be creepy), and I’ve got a last name to go along with his picture, to distribute freely among friends. Oh, and he has a daughter…which could mean that he has at least a modicum of regard for women (one can only hope).

Now, I just need to decide what to wear. We’re meeting at a wine bar bordering our two hoods, so it should be fairly low key. Right now, I’m vacillating between a summer dress and a suit of armor…or should I go with the hazmat suit?

***Pre-date Update: I went with a sleeveless denim dress that ties at the waist, hits just below the knee, and unbuttons to just above the cleavage. With very low-heeled sandals. You know, low-key, tasteful, feminine…

I basically look like I stepped out of a Madewell catalog.

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