To Bro, or not to Bro?

This is the part where I feel it necessary to check myself…or at least, correct myself. I went out with “The Bro” again tonight, and while I’m still convinced that he is, in fact, a Bro, I’m equally convinced that he is an entirely lovely, considerate and considerable human being. What to do with that information, I’m not sure.

This revelation began early, when he verified which train line was closest to me before choosing a location for our date. Consideration. Convenience. Believe it or not, these may be the early hallmarks of a successful relationship. Take note.

Now, I can’t tell you why I actually agreed to a second date, since I left the first lukewarm, but I now suppose it’s because despite all incessant talk of basketball camp, basketball in general (which I enjoy but don’t obsess over), childhood acquaintances (which I rarely reference, unless in real time), and name-dropping (because I know important people too…I just don’t talk about them often), I glimpsed a genuinely great guy, and I liked him. Love him? That may be a long shot…but definitely like.

Truthfully, we didn’t get off to the greatest start tonight, as he launched in yet again with unknown acquaintances, seemingly pointless anecdotes and sports stories, but I have a firm belief that the things that annoy us most are often the very same things we are guilty of, so I decided to stay present, open and aware of where I might actually be reflected, rather than simply annoyed.

So, we talked about things. Things that included race, identity, 9/11 conspiracy theories (I’m on the fence, he isn’t), family and even kids (we’re at that age where it makes sense to talk about whether kids are in the plan early on…because no one has time to waste at this age). I think he may be more willing to adapt to my plans (or at least, play along) than I am. Then again, I may be wrong. I’ve been wrong before. Very wrong.

But…I’m not quite ready to count the Bro out. Not yet.


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