Day 1

Ever have that feeling that you’ve already met just about everyone? Like you’ve wrung every ounce of potential out of your social circle?

Finally succumbed to sheer boredom (and repeated challenges from beloveds to “get out of my comfort zone”), and joined Tinder. Let the games begin…

Two hours in, I am definitely uncomfortable, summarily exhausted, and will henceforth be calling Tinder “The Whitest Place on Earth” (and as I’m an equal opportunity dater, that designation is not strictly in reference to race). Not sure I possess the stamina…or the will. How do y’all do this? #AreWeHavingFunYet

Update: I think I’m realizing I may not be that desperate to arbitrarily date.
Or maybe I simply still prefer my romance the way I prefer my produce: Organic.

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