I’m zeroing in on a name for this madness, so please rock with me until then. Trust me, I need you along for the ride.

Apparently, I made some rookie mistakes this week. For one, three dates in four days? Not a good idea, right out of the gate. Clearly, I have to build up my social stamina, because I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, and desperately in need of an antihistamine. But I’m learning fast, and scheduling a new week’s worth of meet-and-greets, even as I type.

As for yesterday, it was perhaps the most intriguing of my three dates this week, as this gent is a Danish former punk rocker/squatter/anarchist who just happened to construct a computer program so effective it was purchased by the government. He recently moved to the U.S. to work on a new startup…because he tried not working for awhile, and got bored.

Must be nice.

Oh, and he could be Willem Dafoe’s decade-younger (and slightly taller) brother.

Are we a match? Perhaps not at first glance, but I can honestly say that he held my attention for the nearly three hours we spent day-drinking and chatting, and despite a few awkward pauses, our time together was entertaining and wonderfully irreverent. For instance, when I disclosed that I’m writing about my online dating experiences, he responded with a half-grin and a shrug, and simply scoffed, “I don’t give a $&!@.”

Then, he ordered us another round. My kind of guy.

He gracefully ended the date before the pauses got too long or awkward, saying we should retreat to our corners and consider whether we liked each other enough to meet again. Since I had a dinner on deck, I agreed it was indeed time to part ways, and departed, blissfully detached from the outcome.

And if nothing else, I’m fairly sure that cultivating that kind of neutrality is a huge component of this experiment, so I was grateful for the opportunity to practice. If we see each other again, cool. If not, there are plenty of other opportunities to explore…at least according to my inbox. This lack of concern is fairly new for me, so excuse me if I roll around in it for a minute, make a few snow angels, and write my initials in the concrete…

…Until I’m interrupted by a text from Doppelgänger Dafoe. Apparently, he’s slept on it, and would definitely like to see me again. Go figure…or, in my case, go hourglass.

Still in neutral…but starting to have fun.

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