My swiping finger got itchy last night.

Maybe it was wedding weekend postpartum, or finding myself faced with only second and third dates scheduled this week (some of which I’m looking forward to more than others), but I suddenly felt a craving for new blood. After all, isn’t this supposed to be all about exploring my options, and breaking my old pattern of “Date-Date-Mate”?

(Note: by “mate”, I’m referring more to pairing off than sex, but obviously, as this ‘experiment’ progresses, that’ll eventually become an issue, too…and I’ve never been a juggler, in that respect.)

So, back to the app, this time with a trusted co-pilot, a couple of drinks and a strange compulsion to break a few of my own rules. As some of you will recall, among other things, I don’t swipe right on guys with no written profile (since I then assume they’re only there to hookup, which I’m not), and have a particular aversion to making the first move, past swiping right in the first place.

But boredom breeds daring, so I dive back in.

First off, I’m fairly sure that the “beginner’s luck” one of you accused me of having is indeed over, since I was swiping left at an alarming rate…maybe I’ve already run through the cuteness?

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