So…I thought about it…and I ain’t gon’ do it.

Despite the anemic response to yesterday’s snap poll, I have opted to follow my gut — another function of this exercise — and maintain some damned boundaries. Truth is, I have a long and lamentable history of not requiring men to meet me halfway, which has resulted in a lot of “70/30 love” (shoutout to Teddy Pendergrass). Suffice to say, that 70% has cost me dearly, at points. My bad.

The magic in mistakes is that they (hopefully) teach you never to make them again. I’m pretty sure I’ve paid my dues in that respect, so, no; I will NOT be taking extreme measures to let my unfulfilled matches know that I’m still interested and available. If they were interested, they would’ve at least said ‘hello’.

I mean, if a lady invites you onto her porch, do you just stand on the sidewalk, slack-jawed? If so, you’re not the man I swiped you for, so…goodnight, and good luck. As my friend and cosmic twin, Cali, commented:

“For myself — personally — I can’t abide those kinds of shenanigans because I’d like to date someone confident (and comfortable) enough to be transparent. Someone capable of making plans. So, as “old school” as it may be, I need a guy willing and able to take that initial step. There could be plenty of time for me to take over and be the boss later. ;)”

And as bossy as I can be sometimes, that’s as far as I’m willing to go, too–and as far as I feel I should have to. I would do anything for love–but I won’t do THAT (shoutout to Meatloaf).

What I will do is this: I will add a PSA to my profile that goes a lil’ something like this:
“By the way, if we’ve matched, it means I’m open to conversation, and will respond in kind. That said, even though we’re swiping in Tinderland, I’m holding fast to a little bit of traditional courtship; so I expect you to make the next move.”

Match. Set. Point. (Shoutout to the U.S. Open)

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